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Psychiatrist Warszawa Our Professional Help Centre Centrum Pomocy Profesjonalnej was established in 2002 and serves as a non-public healthcare group of experienced psychiatrists, psychotherapists and psychologists working in the area of mental health support and prophylaxis. Our clinicians are highly qualified in treating wide spectrum of mental problems and disorders using therapeutic approaches stemming from all major…

Psychiatrist Warszawa

Our Professional Help Centre Centrum Pomocy Profesjonalnej was established in 2002 and serves as a non-public healthcare group of experienced psychiatrists, psychotherapists and psychologists working in the area of mental health support and prophylaxis. Our clinicians are highly qualified in treating wide spectrum of mental problems and disorders using therapeutic approaches stemming from all major psychotherapeutic schools, tailored to clients‘ needs. Our team members improve their skills through constant training, supervision and peer-to-peer consultation. We are working for community and public health maintenance through basic psychiatric and psychological healthcare, publications, social events and academic activities.

We offer:

  • Psychiatric diagnosis and treatment of anxiety depressive disorders, sleep and stress-related disorders, addictions, and psychotic disorders
  • Neurological diagnosis and treatment
  • Psychotherapy
  • Employee coaching

We also cooperate with American Company Workplace Options and Chestnut Global Partners (Employee Assistance Programme).

We kindly invite you to use our services.

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Phone:+ 48 22 24 12 444,   +48 22 24 12345

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We are located in ”Babka Tower” building, vis-a-vis “Arkadia” shopping mall.
Entrance G from Jana Pawła II avenue.

Psychiatrists, neurologist – doctors:

NZOZ Centrum Pomocy Profesjonalnej /Non-public healthcare institution CPP/
80 Jana Pawła II avenue, apt. 21, 9th floor,
00-175 Warsaw
tel.: +48 22 24 12345
tel.: +48 22 24 12 444
tel.: +48 601 455 888
e-mail: cpp21@cpp.pl
Open: Monday 13.00-20.30, Tuesday 10.00-20.30, Wednesday, Friday 15.00 – 20.30, Thursday 11.00-20.30

Psychologists / psychotherapists:

CPP Sp. z o.o. /CPP Ltd./
80 Jana Pawła II avenue, apt. 129, 21st floor,
00-175 Warsaw
tel.:+48  22 24 12 444
tel.: +48 509 702 917
e-mail: cpp129@cpp.pl
Open: Monday – Friday 10.00 – 20.30.


You may be kindly requested to fill in entrance book for security reasons. This is not obligatory. If you are hesitant to disclose your identity, it is sufficient to fill in our Clinic name or office number and initials.

Bank account of CPP Sp z o.o. (CPP Ltd.):
mBank: 27 1140 2004 0000 3902 7629 4721
NIP: 525 266 37 31

Agnieszka Popielarczyk, MD


Psychiatrist. Graduate of Medical University of Warsaw. Completed specialty training in psychiatry in 2007. Cognitive and behavioural therapist appointed to Polish Association for Cognitive and Behavioural Therapy and European Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Therapies.
For 7 years has been working as a psychiatrist and lecturer at the Department of Psychiatry at the Medical University of Warsaw, and as a psychiatrist at the Department of Anxiety Disorders in the Hospital for Uniformed Services. Between 2008 and 2012 was collaborating in the therapeutic program for victims of traffic accidents developing posttraumatic stress disorder („TRAKT”). Lecturer at the SWPS (University of Social Sciences and Humanities) since 2002.
In CPP works as a psychiatrist treating a broad spectrum of adult mental disorders (affective, anxiety and psychotic disorders), using  psychopharmacology augmented with cognitive and behavioral psychotherapy techniques.

First appointment: 330 zl. (next: 270 zl.)


  • Tuesday from 10am till 4pm at 9th floor
  • Wednesday from 3pm till 8pm at 9th floor
  • Thursday from 12 till 5pm at 9th floor

Wiktor Buczek MD, MBA


Specialist registrar in psychiatry. Graduated the Medical University of Warsaw (MUW) in 1993. Lecturer at MUW. In 1998 graduated University of Minnesota MBA, and continued his career in a managerial role.

Resumed his medical career specializing in psychiatry and working in Psychiatry Clinical Ward and Day Care Unit in Wolski Hospital Mental Health Centre in Warsaw. Collaborates with NGOs and Third Age Universities in the field of mental health maintenance.

In his psychiatric practice, he works with adults – specially on stress related problems, including  workplace stress, and deals with mood disorders, sleep disorders, adjustment disorders, anxiety and depressive disorders. He also works with geriatric patients, specially presenting memory and orientation impairment and somatic comorbidity.

First appointment: 330 zl. (next: 270 zl.)


  • Tuesday from 4:30pm till 8pm at 9th floor

Ewa Affek, MA

Psychologist, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapist

Completed her master’s degree in Psychology in WSFiZ in Warsaw, graduated the Third Edition of the E-Help School conducted by the INTRO Association, and the School of Trainers „Metrum” recommended by the Polish Psychological Society. Currently finishing her four-year training in the Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Centre in Warsaw, in accordance with the requirements of the European Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies (EABCT).
Gained professional experience in the INTRO Association, in cooperation with the Psychological Help Portal (Psychotekst.pl). Worked in the Prof. Jan Mazurkiewicz Specialized Health Centre in Pruszków and in the Foundation for Women’s Rights. Collaborated as a therapist in individual and group psychotherapy in FreeMind Centre.
Works with individuals and groups, provides short- and long-term therapy for young people and adults. In her work with patients she uses cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and the Solutions Focused Approach (SFA) and elements of schema therapy. Has constant supervision sessions with senior colleagues. Experienced in sport psychology.

Areas of interest:

  • low self-esteem problems
  • social anxiety
  • difficulties in expressing feelings and needs
  • mood disorders, anxiety disorders, adaptation disorders
  • physical, psychological, sexual violence or trauma
  • psychological support for persons in difficult situations, interpersonal relationships
  • stress management
  • personal development

Skype sessions: available.


  • Tuesday from 4pm till 9pm at 21st floor
  • Thursday from 5pm till 9pm at 9th floor

Marta Barabasz, MAPsychologist, licensed Cognitive – Behavioral Therapist.  Schema Therapist.

Master in psychology (SWPS  University of Social Sciences and Humanities). Attended Social and Cross- Cultural Psychology  lectures and classes at University of Sussex in Brighton (UK.) Graduated with honors from the CBT Centre in Warsaw  (4- year training, Cognitive – Behavioral Therapy) .  Licensed Cognitive – Behavioral Therapist (license no. 579, issued by Polish Association of Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy – PTTPiB). Participated in numerous schema therapy trainings and workshops e.g. ” Schema therapy in narcissistic and borderline personality disorders” . Courses  on therapy of eating disorders. One year course of psychology of advertising.

Gained professional experience in the Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology in Warsaw (Department of Neurosis, Personality and Eating Disorders). Worked as an individual CBT and schema therapist and diagnostician in FreeMind Centre of Individual and Group Therapy in Warsaw.

Works with adult individuals and pairs with anxiety disorders (also social phobias), eating disorders, , problems with low self esteem, social relations, with depression and bi polar disorder. Helps adult patients with Asperger syndrome. Her special interest is a long term schema therapy of personality disorders and anger management.

Skype sessions available.

Available :

  • Tuesday from 12 pm till 9pm at 9th floor.

Dorota Strzelec, MA:

Psychologist majored in career counselling and crisis intervention, trainer and coach, Warsaw
She works with adults, conducts crisis intervention, career counselling and coaching

Graduated HR management studies and MA in psychology at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw (SWPS) –  specialisation: Career Counselling.
Post-graduate studies in Psychological Crisis Intervention at the University SWPS in Warsaw
Training in Crisis Coaching accredited by the Polish Society of Psychotraumatology

Professional experience:

  • 20 years experience in business advisory – consultant in international corporate law company, consultant and chief in HR consulting company in Warsaw
  • Conducting recruitment and outplacement projects
  • Advising international companies in various HR management and change issues
  • Conducting management training and employee workshops
  • Coordination of one of the first researches on Polish Generation Y in the workplace
  • Project management in numerous projects considering workplace relations – e.g. stress, conflicts, discrimination and mobbing

She deals with workplace relations – e.g. stress, conflicts, burnout, work-life balance, discrimination, harassment and mobbing. Provides career counselling and coaching for persons planning professional development or job search, diagnosis of predisposition and development planning for students and graduates as well as young people from generations Y, Z, C in the area of problems in social and work relations, achievement of objectives and conflict resolution. She also advises people experiencing various crisis situations (e.g. important life changes, separation/divorce, job loss, problems in social or interpersonal relations). Provides consultations for employers, i.e. in the area of personnel management, conflict resolution and mediation, discrimination and mobbing (preventive and corrective actions, member of anti-mobbing commissions), business training and psycho-educational workshops.

Skype sessions: available. Home visits: available.

Tomasz Świtek, MA

Solution-focus (SF) therapist, trainer and supervisor. Experienced in adult therapy – individual, in pairs and groups. During his over 20 years professional curriculum he worked at children foster institutions, at the outpatient facility for substance use disorders, at the domestic violence prevention center and in private practice. Nowadays his is mainly focused on work with professionals as a supervisor and trainer, but also continues his work as a therapist. He is a board member of the European Brief Therapy Association,  and the International Alliance of SF Teaching Institutes as well.


  • Monday from 3pm. till 9pm at 21st floor

Wiktoria Jankowska, MA

Psychologist, psychotherapist

Ms Jankowska graduated from the University of Warsaw and completed postgraduate studies in Psychotraumatology and Psychological Diagnosis at the SPWS University. She graduated from Psychotherapy Studies at the Laboratory of Psychoeducation (Laboratorium Psychoedukacji) – a extensive 4-years training certified by the Polish Psychological Society.

She gained professional experience at the Clinic of Psychiatry, Combat Stress and Psychotraumatology at the Military Institute of Medicine in Warsaw where she was helping people suffering as a result of traumatic experiences. She worked with Foundation for Somalia where she provided psychological counselling to migrants living in Warsaw. She has worked with people originating from over 30 non-EU countries.

Ms Jankowska grounds her work in the psychodynamic and integrative approach. She offers both short- and long-term psychotherapy to adults suffering from emotional problems, having difficulties in relationships and going through major life changes and crises. She helps people, who struggle with past experiences to build better future. She combines empathetic approach with professional practice. 

Andrea Rosa, MA

Master's degree at the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Warsaw. Currently studying at the "Rasztów" Group Analysis Institute, recommended by the Polish Psychological Association and the Polish Psychiatric Association.

 I have been gaining professional experience at the ProAlteri Foundation, the Family Clinic in Bemowo, the Academic Psychotherapy Center, the Clinic of Psychiatry, Combat Stress and Psychotraumatology at the Military Medical Institute and in Wolski Hospital. I co-conducted a group therapy for patients who had experienced psychosis.

I provide psychological support and conduct individual and group psychodynamic therapy. I am constantly expanding my knowledge and competences - by reading professional literature and taking part in seminars and conferences. I have my work regularly supervised by a certified supervisor. I combine professional knowledge and experience with an empathetic approach and a natural curiosity towards the world and people. It is important for me to respect ethical standards and to remain open and attentive to the needs of patients.

 I provide help to people who have difficulties in relationships, struggle with depressed mood, excessive anxiety, stress, anger, who are in crisis, experiencing exclusion, and also those wanting to understand themselves better.

Skype sessions: available.


All psychologists – price per session: 220 zl.

Keywords: psychiatrist, psychotherapist, therapist, psychologist, neurologist, doctor

Małgorzata Roge-Wiśniewska, PhD, PCC (ICF)

Trainer and coach with international accreditation at the level of Professional Certified Coach (PCC) in the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Works with adults and older youth.

Conducts workshops and individual or group coaching processes focused on achieving goals related to, inter alia, with:
– solving problems and generating solutions,
– introducing changes in professional and private life,
– adaptation to change,
– career development,
– better self-knowledge and deepening the awareness of the client's professional potential,
– working out the best direction of professional development for the client,
– development of the client's motivation skills, project management and self-management over time,
– building a professional image and network of contacts,
– increasing competences in the field of public and interpersonal communication,
– resolving conflicts,
– public presentation,
– work-life balance,
– increasing self-confidence,
– changing relationships, habits, lifestyle,
– achieving greater satisfaction and harmony in life,
– increasing awareness of the client's potential and competences and indicating appropriate fields of study,
– realisation of diploma theses, including application its results in the practise,
– parenting,
– caring for the elderly,
– a sustainable life .
Applies an ecosystem and integrative approach. Working methods are adapted to the client and her/his goal.

She works in Polish and English.

She conducts coaching sessions stationary at CPP or a place indicated by the client (cost calculated individually) and remotely via the Internet or telephone.

A graduate of the University of Warsaw and Mukoid Professional Advanced Coaching Studies, constantly improving her competences – so far she has participated in several hundred trainings, workshops, symposia, conferences, seminars, debates, supervisions and mentoring sessions.

Coach, trainer, expert and academic lecturer with over twenty years of experience gained in cooperation with private individuals and employees of numerous:
– companies, e.g. ArcelorMittal Warsaw, Biuro Projektowo-Doradcze EKO-KONSULT (Eng. EKO-KONSULT Design and Advisory Office), Ecorys Polska, Municipal Water Supply and Sewerage Company in the Capital City of Warsaw, Transprojekt Gdański,
– non-governmental organizations, e.g. UNEP/GRID-Warsaw Center, Fundacja na rzecz Zrównoważonego Rozwoju (Eng. Foundation for Sustainable Development), Stowarzyszenie Edukacji i Rozwoju Amicus (Eng. Amicus Education and Development Association), Stowarzyszenie Konsultantów Ocen Środowiskowych (Eng. Association of Environmental Assessment Consultants), OPTA Association,
– public institutions, including, for example, the General Directorate for Environmental Protection, the National Center for Emissions Management (KOBiZE), the Museum of King Jan III's Palace at Wilanów, the Marshal's Office of the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship
and employees or students of the University of Warsaw, Universiteit Twente – the Netherlands, University of Southampton – Great Britain, Lunds Universitet – Sweden, Háskóli Íslands – Iceland, University of Sydney – Australia, Univerzita Komenskeho v Bratislave – Slovakia.



First appointment: 350 zl.

Next appointment: 300 zl.


Price per session: 270 -300 zl.

COACH: 300zł.